Thursday, 17 April 2008


Thats it... I've had enough - I've packed up and moved on.

This blog has been great for me. Something I started as a ranting post during a tough time some years ago ended up being something I've stuck with and maintained on nearly a daily basis. Quite incredible for me. However, lately I've felt like my blog has been stuck in a void. I haven't been very interesting and there doesn't seem to be any new people swinging by - its all turned a bit stale.

When things turn stale you freshen them up right? Therefore, I hope you'll come and visit me at my new home....

I have you regulars linked on my new page for a bit of Blog-Host-Cross Pollination (if I've missed anyone please let me know).

As many of you know when you have a blog in which you dump your personal dirty laundry there really is no respite from having to look over your shoulder or think about who may read it (as in 'who in your family' or 'who at work').

Blogger doesn't have very flexible security options therefore I went on the search for somewhere that would let me make certain posts private but keep my blog on the whole public. First I tried Live Journal which lets you tailor security on individual posts but when browsing around the community it seemed a bit like the Bebo of the blog world - full of Japanese Teenagers and kids! Not that I have an issue with Jap Teens or kids doing their thing but they do seem to have a certain blogging style which I can't really identify with and I felt like I didn't fit there.

Then I found Wordpress. While their set up isn't the easiest to get to grips with it feels like a nice change. Hopefully with the new security options I now have on individual posts I plan to make my blog more accessible to everyone. Im going to be using it to replace my personal website that I took down some time ago, therefore I won't be freaking out if my family/friends/co-workers drop by!

Hoping to see you all there :-)


PS: If you never knew where 'ML' came from - it was the abbreviation of the blog I had before Sheddweller which was 'Mental Laundry'